What we Offer

Onsite Support

Contactable 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
Response within 4 hrs during office hours.
Qualified Competent Staff.
Loan of equipment when necessary.

Sales and Repairs

We sell and service all brands of equipment.
All equipment is from official suppliers – no grey products.
We pride our selves on sourcing and quick delivery.

ISP “Internet Service Provider”

MYGATEWAY a trusted name for your internet needs.
We sell ADSL connectivity at competitive rates.
We offer ADSL, Fibre, and Wireless from uncapped to pay as you go.
Email and Web hosting, domain transfers and hosting.
Server hosting.

Benifit of Maintenance Contracts

It’s a world wide trend to outsource computer maintenance. Eliminate or Reduce I.T. Staff.
Eliminate annual, sick, compassionate or any other type of leave. To gain the competitive edge.
Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes, get genuine advice. Peace of mind and increases salability of the business. Our staff is updated with the latest I.T solutions. Enable your company to trade over the internet with reduced problems. Management of staff access reducing risk and costs. Software repairs / support performed remotely

Network Cabling Planning & Implementation

Cable routing, pathways and cable management. Network room layouts.
Fibre optic network. Network Audits – Assessments, Specification, Infrastructure, Verification.
Major or Minor moves, changes, tidying network rooms. Installation of network / telephone points
Problem solving. Loan of networking equipment when necessary