About Us

History of The Company

DMT has had more than 25 Years Experience and has been providing IT solutions for its own customers. We have however to an ever increasing degree provided IT solutions for resellers on contractual basis. 
In 2003 we entered into maintenance contracts with our most valuable clients. DMT from the initial involvement used subcontractors to provide our cabling needs. In 2005 we decided to start our own cabling department as we could provide a more cost effective and professional solution for our clients. In 2007 we signed up with Internet Solutions as an ISP “internet service provider” to provide email and web hosting. We also provide ADSL solutions form Uncapped to pay as you go. We host several Servers locally and internationally with Digital connectivity. We have involved our selves with major network topologies and installed from the smallest infrastructure to large structured projects. We have specialised our selves in the networking, data, and voice, fibre optic and wireless fields and provided services throughout Gauteng.

Quality Management

Quality is a process, away of doing things, an attitude and a belief. DMT sees this as an integral process, not an inspection afterwards, but an ongoing process. Our quality of service, in our response and what we share with our customers is even more important. It is quality that extends the partnership beyond a product concept into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Company Statement

We at DMT would like to think of ourselves as a company with high potentials, morals and achievements we will greatly appreciate it to be associated with a company like yourself. If you should require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to a continuing business relationship with you.Here are some of our happy clients
Media 24, Habib Overseas Bank, S.A. Mens Clinics, Cronimet Chrome Mine SA, Health In Site, Pick N Pay, Acorn Group, Gondolier, Nashua West Rand, Callguard Security, Accvantage Solutions, Bryanston Vet, Eagle Canyon Country Club, Eagle Granite, Eclipse Accounting, Wesbank, Transelectronics, Whodunnit, Itec Sandton, Etchells and Young, Tasselberry, Thames Brokers, Thirsty Now, Cubicool, Shocking Pink, ITRAfrica.